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Adoption and Impact of SG 2000 - Uganda Crop Productivity Enhancing Technologies in Tororo, Buikwe and Kamwenge Districts of Uganda


The objective of this study was to analyze the impact of improved seed varieties, fertilizer use and line planting technologies on farming outcomes.
This study shows that Technology Option Plots (TOPs) and Women Assisted Demonstrations (WADs) in addition to farmer trainings were more effective in attracting communities to SG interventions. The results of the study also demonstrate the wide use of line planting practices amongst participants as well as improved seed and fertilizer technologies indicating the success of the SG 2000 extension model. SG 2000-Uganda interventions also introduced new crops such as beans in Tororo and rice in Kamwenge districts. This has occasioned the rise of income in addition to ancillary improvements such as the quality of education.


Centenaire de Norman Borlaug en Ouganda (2014)


SAA a organisé un événement pour commémorer le centenaire du Dr Norman Borlaug à Jinja, en Ouganda en juillet 2014.

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