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SG 2000 Crop Productivity Enhancement Extension Approaches in Uganda Evaluation Report


The primary objective of this evaluation is to assess the agricultural extension approaches used by SG 2000 - Uganda, highlighting what works well, what does not and what can be improved to achieve CPE Theme objectives and enhance approaches. The evaluation assessed SG 2000 – Uganda crop extension approaches in relation to the national extension approaches based on farmer selection, training approaches, technology selection and targeting of farmers.

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Enough: Why the World’s Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty


Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman, Public Affairs Publishing, 2009
For more than thirty years, humankind has known how to grow enough food to end chronic hunger worldwide. Yet in Africa, more than 9 million people every year die of hunger, malnutrition, and related diseases every year—most of them children. In this powerful investigative narrative, Wall Street Journal reporters Kilman & Thurow show exactly how, in the past few decades, Western policies conspired to keep Africa hungry and unable to feed itself. Enough is essential reading on a humanitarian issue of utmost urgency.

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Value Chain Analysis for Developing Rural Agri-Business:Case Studies in Ethiopia


This publication contains papers presented at the Seminar on Value Chain Analysis (VCA) which discussed issues how VCA was applied and how it can enhance the impact on the programs of the Government of Ethiopia, and the works of different development organizations in Ethiopia.

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Value Chain Analysis for the Development of Food Systems and Innovative Agro-based Industry in Africa (Toshiro Mado & Kyoko Saio)


This book consists of two separate but related accounts in the development of the food systems and agro-based industries through value chain analysis. It describes the changing food preferences of the consumers, the distribution patterns and their impact on food demand, production and markets. Book 1: Development of Food Systems. Book 2: Development of Innovative Agro-based industries in Africa

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The Man Who Fed the World


Leon Hesser, Durban House Publishing Company, Inc.
The Man Who Fed the World provides a loving and respectful portrait of one of America's greatest heroes. Nobel Peace Prize recipient for averting hunger and famine, Dr. Norman Borlang is credited with saving hundreds of millions of lives from starvation-more than any other person in history? Loved by millions around the world, Dr. Borlang is recognized as one of the most influential men of the twentieth century.

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