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Issue 14, February 1999


Page 1. First SAFE group graduates from Ethiopia’s Alemaya University
Page 3. We can’t turn the clock back
Page 4. Priority for rice
Page 10. Developing QPM for Ethiopia
Page 13. First year for Malawi
Page 18. Commitment of Uganda



Issue 13, February 1998


Page 1. SG 2000 starts up in Malawi
Page 4. SAFE ‘ reforming university agricultural education
Page 6. Workshop ‘98 Finding the shared goals
Page 7. The Carter Center’s new health initiatives
Page 18. SAA/IITA agroprocessing program



Issue 12, April 1998


Page 1. Green Revolution Partnership
Page 3. Guinea worm the final assault
Page 5. SAFE program 4 universities on course
Page 12. ACE update: Agribusiness Forum Ethiopia
Page 14. Urgent donor support needed

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