The now beaming household, Hellen with her two youngest kids

From ‘hopeless widow to a household now full of joy: the story of Hellen Epuruge

January.30.2018 / Uganda

Nyarakoti Farmer Field School 1 is situated in Asinge C, Nyarakoti parish, in Usukuru sub county of Tororo District. It consists of 30 members, 18 of whom are women. Its ...

Kawumba Carol

“Acquiring business skills has transformed my life, my families”, Kawumba Carol

January.30.2018 / Uganda

30 years old Kawumba Carol lives in Bukomolo village, Nandere parish, Kadama Sub County in the Kibuku District of Eastern Uganda. Her success started when she was sponsor...

Yiftusira Ashenef

SG-2000 Ethiopia Empowering Women through CDP-WAD

January.30.2018 / Ethiopia

28 years old single mother of three Yiftusira Ashenef is a host farmer of Community Demonstration Plot (CDP) in a 0.1 hectare plot in Wikma village of Gol Wikma Kebele, E...

Empowering Group with Special Needs

January.30.2018 / Ethiopia

The Sashemene Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy is supported by the Nippon Foundation, and the Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) as part of the...

“We are productive!” The Loudjouraton group of Molodo

January.30.2018 / Mali

Molodo is a village and seat of the commune of Kala Siguida in the Cercle of Niono in the Ségou Region of southern-central Mali. The Loudjouraton group of Molodo is a far...

Not one bean lost--something we never thought would be possible!

January.26.2017 / Ethiopia

Grain storage loss to insects is a major challenge for smallholder farmers, at times estimated to be at least 20 percent for major crops such as corn and common beans. Wi...

SAA programs support women smallholder farmers in Mali

January.26.2017 / Mali

in, and their involvement goes beyond gender specific programs like the Women Assisted Demonstrations (WADs). Education and training is provided in a number of key areas ...

"Implementing technologies has transformed the lives of me and my family"

January.26.2017 / Ethiopia

Farmer Bashir Lemma is from Lalonora Kebele of Begi Woreda in Western Wolega zone,
Ethiopia. He is an award winning farmer and father of seven.
He is an award winning f...

"We realized crop failure is farmers’ failure"

January.26.2017 / Nigeria

This is the Maize Multi Actor Value-chain Platform and Disability Intervention in Tudun Wada, Kano state, Nigeria. The project is supported by SAA Nigeria’s Farmer Based ...

Braille writing

Maico Kaiondo, disability is not inability.

May.11.2016 / Uganda

Chivuvu savings and credit group is a social fund group located in the Mityana District of the Central Region of Uganda. Maico Kaiondo, who is blind, is the chairperson o...

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