SAA-Nigeria beneficiary farmer, Adamu Muhammed Hotoro poses with a USG Fertilizer applicator on his Maize adopter plot in Kano State, Nigeria.

SAA-Nigeria is helping farmers overcome soil degradation with the Urea Super Granules (USG) Fertilizer Applicator - The story of Adamu Hotoro

SAA-Nigeria is promoting the Urea Super Granule (USG) technology through the Kano state agropastoral development project, KSADP to support farmers in maximizing nutrient uptake by crops using the Urea Deep Placement  (UDP) method.


SAA scholarship student visiting SAA-Mali

Mrs Camara Dembele is a doctoral student at the Ecole Doctorale des Sciences et Technologies du Mali (EDSTM). She has dedicated 13 years of her career in agricultural extension at the Office de la Haute Vallée du Niger, leading community development, natural resource management and research sections.


<Short movie>Catherine Kalembe; Eliminating Malnutrition one at a time in Uganda.

Uganda has been experiencing high rate of malnutrition as well as high birth rate. Children are given birth to when they are underweight or malnourished. That is why SAA has developed different interventions with a pillar of nutrition sensitive agriculture to try and mitigate the issues around malnutrition in both children and women of reproductive age.


<Short movie>Naome Mwidu, the Agro-processing Champion in Uganda

Pallisa Agri-business Training Association(PATA) in Kibuku district of the Eastern Region of Uganda is one of many One Stop Center Associations(OSCA) constructed by Sasakawa Africa Association. PATA trains and promotes crop value chain activities among the groups.


<Short movie>SAA-Uganda featured by UBC News on trainining activities for rurak women

In March 2022, SAA-Uganda office conducted technical training for rural women in Mubende and Kiboga districts, which was featured by Uganda's public national broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC).


<Short movie>Climate-smart agriculture in Nakaseke district, Uganda

A success story of a couple who has used climate-smart practices to realize more yields, safeguard the soil and be model farmers in Nakaseke district.


<Short movie> Agro-financing in Uganda

SAA implements training on agro-financing in Uganda

Bamba's above ground aquarium for fish production

A Rural Entrepreneur Producing Catfish to Supply Local Consumers in Mali.

Bamba KEITA is 38 years old, married and has two children. He lives in the village of Nafadji, 45 km from Bamako. When he was selected for the SAA youth entrepreneurship project, thanks to an SAA agricultural adviser (CAT) in his locality, he was producing vegetables but was finding it difficult to grow his farm.

Maize shelling service provision

Promoting Mobile Mechanical Postharvest Machines: The case of Private Threshing /Shelling Service Provision Model

SAA-Ethiopia initiated demonstration of different postharvest technologies in 2003 to reduce postharvest losses and maintain grain quality for better market access and price.

Aisha Nakibule, the woman Leader of Nkobazambogo farmers group, and SAA President Dr. Kitanaka

Improving nutrition at vulnerable communities in Uganda

To combat malnutrition and its effects, Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) under its pillar of Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture is empowering Smallholder farmers in Uganda to prevent and treat malnutrition in the short and long term. Nkobazambogo farmers group in Mubende District, is one of five groups that is championing the cultivation and consumption of the nutrient-dense High Iron Rich Beans and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) promoted by SAA in collaboration with HarvestPlus to eliminate ...

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