Permagarden host farmer in  Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Improved household nutrition and livelihood resilience through permagardening

Permagarden is a small-scale permanent garden established around homes to provide diverse diets for families year-round. The permagarden approach combines the best practices of permaculture (permanent agriculture) and bio-intensive agriculture models, with the former focusing on design principles for using natural systems for production and the latter on maximizing soil and plant health and increasing biodiversity through sustainable practices for maximum yield.

Awa Damba, a chair-lady of female farmer groups at the Production Postharvest handling and Trade Center (PHTC) of Siranikoto

“I can now share with my community that food is medicine” - A story about how SAA created awareness on nutrition at rural villages.

Awa Damba, a chair-lady of female farmer groups at the Production Postharvest handling and Trade Center (PHTC) of Siranikoto, Kayes Region of Mali, established by Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA). Awa is a host farmer of the Community Demonstration Plots (CDPs) set by SAA to promote improved farming practice for rice especially for women group and actively participates in several agro-processing activities including parboiling rice and groundnut butter processing. She is also a member of the co...


Production and marketing of produce related to SHEP approach at Dacoumani

In order to reduce poverty among the most vulnerable members of the farming community and to involve producers in market survey for their production, SAA through the Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion (SHEP) approach has undertaken activities to support women's groups.

Better agricultural practices enabled Henry to purchase a truck

“SAA has built my capacity, and I can now train fellow farmers” – A story about how good agricultural practices introduced by SAA improves livelihoods

Henry Sebyala, a father of five living in the Nakaseke district of Uganda, has seen his productivity and income increase as a result of Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) interventions.


SAA-Mali conducted courtesy calls in different organizations and observed on and off-field activities

From April 3 to 9, 2021, a team led by Dr. Sokona Dagnoko, Country Director (CD) of SAA-Mali conducted courtesy calls in different organizations and observed on and off-field activities. 

Smallholder farmer Ato Tesfaye Andualem with his surplus maize grain stored in PICS bags

“ By participating in the project, I have gained new skills and knowledge on how to apply improved agronomic practices”

Ato Tesfaye Andualem shares his experience with the IMPACT Project

SAA representatives visit an audiovisual and ICT resource center established at Bahir Dar University

SAA launches effective digital platforms to provide agricultural extension and advisory services to smallholder farmers in Ethiopia

SAA COVID-19 Newsletter has been published. This edition is written about the situation in Ethiopia.


SAA Uganda conducted a training and deliberated on agricultural extension and human resource models

SAA-Uganda hosted a training of trainers in Kampala city. The training was attended by lecturers from Makekere, Gulu, Uganda Christian, Busitema and Uganda Martys Universities as well as Bukalasa Agricultural College.


SAA-Mali management and staff conducted a courtesy call at University of Segou and agricultural institute IPR/IFRA

SAA-Mali management staff made a courtesy call at the Rural Polytechnic Institute of Training and Applied Research of Katibougou (IPR-IFRA) and Univerity of Segou from March 23-24, 2021.

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