【Special Interview】Introducing Dr. Amit Roy, SAA's New Chair

As the Chair of the Sasakawa Africa Association, Dr. Amit Roy is at the forefront of initiatives driving positive change in African agriculture, and in this interview, he shares his journey, experiences, and insights for ensuring food security in Africa.


Farmers in Meket district embrace improved organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers play an essential role in maintaining soil health by influencing nutrient availability, enhancing the soil's structure, and supporting its water retention capacity. Traditional organic fertilizers, such as manure and compost, have been a choice for many farmers albeit in limited quantities.

A host farmer in his wheat-faba bean rotation of improved varieties

Reviving Cereal-Pulse Crop Rotation: A Leap Towards Agro-Biodiversity and Sustainable Farming

Promoting agro-biodiversity is a cornerstone of regenerative agriculture. These systems protect ecosystem biodiversity by providing habitats for various species, preserving biological diversity both above and below ground, and preventing habitat degradation and loss.


Samanko’s garden becomes a center of discovery for students

The sun-drenched fields of the Samanko Agricultural College Center are alive with vibrant greenery from an inspiring vegetable garden comprising okra, potatoes, onions, and carrots. The garden is at the heart of the newly established Enterprise Center (EC), a visionary project made possible by SAA-Mali’s unwavering support as part of its contribution for innovation, learning, and entrepreneurship.


Malian farmers’ life transformed through kaba nônô processing

Just five years ago, Mrs. Sanata Coulibaly Kone, from the Koloni-Boundio Village in South-west Mali, was struggling to take care of her family, as she entirely relied on her husband, a person living with disabilities. 


SAA transforms rural cooperative in Mali

Two years after SAA delivered a sheller to the Nieta Cooperative in the Kamalé Kakélé Village of Western Mali, there is evidence of empowerment and progress. The sheller was acquired with matching fund from the SAA with the Cooperative contributing 20% of the cost.


SAA’s SHEP training sets Malian farmers on a journey to prosperity

Sounkoura Traore, a member of the Mintiguila Cooperative, based in the Koulikoro region of Western Mali, says the training he received from SAA under the Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion (SHEP) strategy has transformed his outlook of agriculture, and improved his income. 


Two birds with one stone: Using compost to tame fertilizer price hikes and increase yields sustainably

Farmers in the Amhara and SNNP regions of Ethiopia have cut their expenditure on fertilizer by half after training on compost preparation and use. Compost improves soil structure and provides a wide range of nutrients for plants, adding beneficial microbes to the soil, and increasing crop yields. However, many farmers struggle to produce high-quality compost due to a lack of organic materials, and inadequate knowledge on the proper ratio of carbon and nitrogen-supplying raw materials, with other...


From Humble Beginnings to Agribusiness Success: The Journey of the Fedhi Gudina Community Group

When we founded the Fedhi Gudina Community Saving for Investment in Agribusiness group in 2019, we only had a capital of USD141 raised by 20 members (15 women).

Farmers listening to Sasakawa Radio (Talking Book)

How Ethiopian farmers grew knowledge through Sasakawa Radio

“In the last three years, our knowledge of agricultural innovation has been transformed through training sessions by Sasakawa Radio,” said a farmer in rural Ethiopia.

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