【Special Interview】SAA's New Managing Director, Ms.Emiko Mutsuyoshi

Meet Ms. Emiko Mutsuyoshi, the dynamic individual assumed the role of Managing Director at SAA in January 2024!

Lady from the village giving her remarks- Kerekicho NSA model launch

Launch of SAA's Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Model Villages in Ethiopia

The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) has recently celebrated the inauguration of two Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Model Villages (NSA-MVs) in Angacha in the SNNP region and Ana Sora District in Oromia region.


Malian Farmer Credits SAA for Transforming his Community’s Food Security

“There was a time when hunger loomed over us,” said Malian farmer Mamadou Djan Keita. “But now, with improved agricultural practices, rice is no longer a luxury but a staple in our diet,” he added.  


Integrated Soil Fertility (ISFM) helped Nigerian Farmer Slashes Labor Costs while and Boosting Yield

Abdulmumini Adamu has significantly reduced his labor costs by 85%, from NGN35,000 (USD46) to NGN5000 (USD7), since adopting minimum tillage on his quarter-hectare maize farm in the Tasha Garabi region of Nigeria’s Kano State.


From Struggling Farmer to Visionary Agricultural Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Mallam Idris Umar from Swa community in the Balanga Local Government of Nigeria’s Gombe State, has transitioned from agricultural strife into a visionary farmer, inspired by training and agricultural support from the Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA). 


From Struggling Fields to Thriving Fortunes in Uganda: Adong Caroline’s Agricultural Triumph

Caroline Adong, 42, from Awili Village, Okweredot Subcounty in Uganda’s Kole District, faced challenges in traditional farming due to outdated techniques and poor soil management. This resulted in unpredictable yields and financial difficulties, impacting her family’s well-being and her children’s education. 


How the Digital Device ‘Talking Book’ is Enhancing Agriculture in Ethiopia

Temesgen Girma, a 30-year-old father of five from the Shino Funamura Kebele in Ethiopia’s Angacha district, has been the Sasakawa Africa Association’s (SAA’s) host farmer since 2021. His enterprise as a farmer has over that duration transformed several-fold thanks to education on regenerative, nutrition-sensitive, and market-oriented agriculture. 


Sasakawa Africa Association holds Green Field Day in Niger State in Nigeria

In late September 2023, under the AGRA-Niger project, Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) Nigeria (SAA-Nigeria) held a series of Green Field Days across various local governments in Niger State, Nigeria, namely, Kampala, Gbaita, Kuchita, and Kangi Makun, spanning the Bosso, Paikoro, and Bida. The primary objective was to showcase and promote the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and improved technologies.


SAA’s One Stop Center Association: BAIDA transforms rural landscape

In the heartland of Bugiri district in Eastern Uganda, this rural community has witnessed a profound shift in farming practices, economic stability, and market influence.


【Interview】Part 3: Unveiling the Journey of Dr. Jiro Aikawa: Sharing insights with SAA projects

An Interview with Dr. Jiro Aikawa, Senior Advisor for Agriculture and Rural Development of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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