<Register Now> TICAD8 Online Side Event “Multidimensional digitally-enabled agricultural extension in Africa ―Accelerating agricultural transformation in the face of global crisis―” on 26 Aug.


On the occasion of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8), SAA will host official side event “Multidimensional digitally-enabled agricultural extension in Africa ―Accelerating agricultural transformation in the face of global crisis―” in collaboration with IFPRI and AFAAS. 

*Japanese simultaneous translation available

African smallholders face many risks and uncertainty in the face of climate change and other shocks. Economic, health and environmental crises exacerbate resilience; take for example the COVID-19 pandemic and the escalating food and fertilizer prices resulting from the Ukraine crisis. The unavailability and nearly four-fold price increase of fertilizer will affect food production and prices in Africa. Risk-proof and productivity enhancing practices, skills and technologies provided by agricultural extension are essential to cope with these challenges, enabling smallholders to produce food and maintain livelihoods while sustaining natural resources. Such complex challenges require multidimensional approaches through agricultural extension system with pluralistic actors and multiple methods, particularly digitalization.

Digital tools are particularly important for extension, for decision-making and to connect diverse actors and facilitate access to input/output markets, improved technologies, extension services/information, finance, and private sector provision. Digital technology applications are increasingly integrated in extension systems to support farmers to increase productivity and incomes, expand opportunities and increase resilience by adopting better suited varieties, managing pests and disease, adapting to climate change, obtaining inputs, and accessing financial services. This symposium will highlight trends, good practices, and recommendations for multidimensional, digitally-enables agricultural extension in face of global crisis.

Registration:  https://www.saaticad8.com/en/degitally.html

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