Op-Ed: 'Transforming Postharvest Management' by SAA's Strategic Director Featured on Africa.com


Dr. Mel Oluoch, Strategic Partnership Director of SAA, recently authored an insightful op-ed: 'Transforming Postharvest Management: A Sustainable Leap For Intra-African Agricultural Trade' on Africa.com. The food systems of Africa face significant challenges, with approximately 37% of food production lost or wasted on the continent. This issue is exacerbated by a growing population and carries substantial financial implications while deepening concerns about food security. To address these challenges effectively, Africa requires innovative solutions, including the development of value chains, regional integration, and robust cross-border trade.

Postharvest management, particularly within nutrition-sensitive value chains, plays a crucial role in addressing these issues by improving access to high-quality, nutrient-rich foods and enhancing overall food security. SAA is actively engaged in this endeavor, working to enhance the agricultural extension system and provide extension agents and smallholder farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive within the agricultural value chain.

Please find  Dr. Oluoch's full op-ed on Africa.com to explore further.

Africa.com 'Transforming Postharvest Management: A Sustainable Leap For Intra-African Agricultural Trade'

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