SAA-Ethiopia at the forefront of sustainable agri-food systems exhibition for a healthy and nutritious diet


The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) actively participated in a Food Exhibition organized by the Food and Nutrition Office (FNO) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) on November 16, 2023. Centered around "Sustainable Agri-food System for a Healthy and Nutritious Diet," the event emphasized the importance of nourishing and eco-friendly food production methods. 

Held at the MoA compound, the exhibition attracted over 300 guests, including high-level officials and distinguished figures. SAA seized the opportunity to showcase its initiatives in nutrition-sensitive agriculture and postharvest management. The exhibit featured essential technologies like threshers/shellers, hermetic grain storages (including PICS bags and metal silos), and other advanced developments. These demonstrations aimed to engage esteemed officials such as H.E. Dr. Girma Amente (MoA Minister), Dr. Fikru Regassa (MoA State Minister), Dr. Namukolo Covic (CGIAR Ethiopia Convenor), and Ms. Alemtsehay Sergawi (MoA FNO Head). 

Dr. Fentahun Mengistu, Country Director of SAA-Ethiopia, presenting on 'Talking Book'

Dr. Fentahun Mengistu, Country Director of SAA-Ethiopia presented on the critical role of digital extension tools such as Talking Book and Digital Classroom System in knowledge transfer. He urged the MoA to scale up the use of these technologies to increase their impact. The need for sustainable food and nutrition security through the production of nutrient-dense food production was echoed by high-level officials, emphasizing the importance of improving the accessibility and affordability of these vital resources for all Ethiopians.

Retrieved from SAA E-Newsletter, issued in December 2023 with Focus on 2023 Highlights

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