SAA HQ team visits Ethiopia for monitoring


From November 12th to 16th, 2023, a team from Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) headquarters, including Mr. Junichi Hanai, Advisor to the President, and Mr. Toshiki Sakiyama, Junior Program Officer, joined by Dr. Berhanu Amsalu from SAA Ethiopia, conducted a monitoring visit in Ethiopia. The visit, which also included district officials and experts, focused on evaluating the progress of key agricultural projects. 

The team's itinerary began with the PREMAP-II project, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. They visited the Bullessa Kebele of Aleta Wondo district, where they observed the construction progress of a farmers' training room, the development of water wells equipped with solar water pumps and 1000-liter water tankers, and the installation of the e-kakashi system at the Farmers' Training Center (FTC). 

Their visit also included interactions with host farmers who have established permagardens, supplemented by solar-powered water pumps. Moreover, the team noted the implementation of four E-kakashi systems in a private coffee farm, reflecting the integration of technology in local agriculture. 

The SAA team communicating with host farmers in their permagarden site.

The team then proceeded to the Angacha district to visit the Core project site, funded by The Nippon Foundation. Here, they explored a range of activities, including those undertaken by agro-dealers, women agro-processing groups, the use of Diffused Light Storage (DLS), and regenerative agriculture (RA) practices by seed producers. The digital extension system in FTCs and farmers' plots in the Shino Funamura and Kerekicho Kebeles were also part of the visit. 

During their assessment, the team observed a variety of RA practices being adopted by local farmers. These included reduced tillage using berken plows, cultivation of pulse crops and diverse forages, mulching under wheat cultivation, the use of bio-fertilizers for faba beans, vermicomposting, establishment of permagardens, and avocado grafting supported by solar pumps. Additionally, the planting of forage crops in diverse areas, such as bunds and backyards, was noted. 

This visit provided valuable insights into the ongoing agricultural projects in Ethiopia and showcased the diverse approaches and technologies being employed to enhance agricultural practices and community livelihoods. 

Retrieved from SAA E-Newsletter, issued in December 2023 with Focus on 2023 Highlights

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