Op-Ed by Hon. Prof. Oniang'o advocating for for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture


The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) proudly shares the news of Hon. Prof. Ruth Oniang'o's op-ed, "A Deeper Insight into Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture," being featured by several online media platforms such as Africa Briefing, Farmers Review Africa and Africa Agribusiness. As an honorary advisor to SAA, Prof. Oniang'o's piece sheds light on the critical role of nutrition-sensitive agriculture in addressing malnutrition and food insecurity, emphasizing the importance of dietary diversity, food fortification, and biofortification.

Prof. Oniang'o advocates for integrating nutrition-sensitive practices into agricultural policies and actions, highlighting the need for colorful, nutrient-rich foods and the significance of biofortified crops such as Pro-Vitamin A Orange-fleshed sweet potato and High Iron and Zinc Beans. Her call to action urges policymakers, agricultural practitioners, and community leaders to prioritize these principles to ensure sustainable agricultural development and improved community health.

SAA is committed to promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture across Africa, focusing on supporting the production and marketing of nutritious crops, improving food safety and quality, and enhancing smallholder farmers' incomes and access to nutritious food. We invite our community to read Prof. Oniang'o's influential article and join us in our mission to foster a healthier world through sustainable farming practices.

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