SAA Mali hosted Annual Stakeholders Meeting


The 2024 edition of the SAA Mali Annual Stakeholders’ Forum took place at the Azalaï Grand Hôtel in Bamako on 7-8 March 2024, focusing on the theme "Regenerative Agriculture for Improving Soil Health." This event marked a significant opportunity for SAA to showcase innovative approaches that have led to unexpected successes.

Day One: Engaging Cooperative Leaders and CATs
The first day was dedicated to the leaders of cooperatives and the Cooperative Advisory Teams (CATs) who support them daily. The forum featured a review of the activities from 2023 and the plans for 2024, led by a consultant specializing in the governance of agricultural cooperatives/unions. His sharing of enriching experiences inspired participants and emphasized the goal of developing strong, resilient cooperatives capable of thriving in a competitive environment. The cooperative leaders expressed their satisfaction and requested that such meetings be held regularly to foster continuous development.

Day Two: Broadening the Dialogue with Government and Educational Institutions
The second day welcomed government representatives, including the General Secretary of the Minister of Agriculture, alongside officials from DNA, DRA, the University of Ségou, IPR-IFRA of Katibougou, and the CAA of Mali, as well as partner NGOs. Dr. Tapsoba Hamado, SAA Country Director, opened the day with welcoming remarks, encouraging active participation and contributions. This was followed by greetings from SAA President, Dr. Makoto Kitanaka, who highlighted the critical importance of this year's theme in the context of sustainable development and climate resilience.

Mr. Oumar Tamboura, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, endorsed the theme, noting its alignment with government policies aimed at enhancing soil health. He emphasized how regenerative agriculture practices can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, boost biodiversity, and ensure food security.

Interactive Sessions and Forward-Looking Discussions
The forum featured an online session led by Dr. Stella Kabiri, SAA's RA-Lead, which included a dynamic Q&A segment. Participants engaged in interactive Jamboard activities focused on "Regenerative Agriculture Technologies for Improving Soil Well-being in Africa" and "Extension Recommendations for Relay Crops in Changing Climate Conditions for Farmers Practicing Regenerative Agriculture in Mali." The discussions also explored potential relay cropping models that could be popularized in Mali to maintain soil cover throughout the year.

Conclusion and Outlook
The forum concluded with a positive outlook, suggesting that small producers stand to benefit significantly from the technologies promoted by SAA. The engagement and suggestions from this event are expected to contribute to the ongoing advancement of regenerative agriculture practices in Mali, supporting both local farmers and the broader agricultural landscape.

This annual forum not only provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences but also reinforced the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges and opportunities in agriculture today.

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