“We are productive!” The Loudjouraton group of Molodo

January.30.2018 / Mali

Molodo is a village and seat of the commune of Kala Siguida in the Cercle of Niono in the Ségou Region of southern-central Mali. The Loudjouraton group of Molodo is a farmer organization (FO) composed of persons with special needs. The organization was created in 2015. The FO was established by 11 members in 2015 to reach 32 members in 2017 including four women and six children. The crops adopted are: rice, onion, and shallots. The members work under the supervision of SAFE, the Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education, with whom the FO has been able to acquire a rice huller with a capacity of 36 bags of 100 kg per hour and a rice cultivator. Between 2015 and 2017, the total area sown increased from 20 to 100 hectares. Yields have also increased from 4 to 6 tons per hectare.
Even if the satisfaction of the FO's members is limited to satisfying rice feeding needs, they are able to fully reimburse input credits, and their ability to save money as a result of the tiller and sheller services. In addition, the revenue collected from sales allow members to access micro-credits on the basis of trust. In addition to the rice value chain, the FO is involved in the onion and shallot value chain.
The FO is chaired by Mr. Fily Diarra. He said: “Our members benefitted greatly from SAFE’s training sessions: training about good agronomic practices of growing rice, fishery, and enterprise management among others. Because not all our local dishes are rich in vitamins, we have also got training how to prepare nutrient rich foods. In general, we have got from SAFE all the important tools. Finally, apart from taking leadership sessions, we are now member of the apex organization at the Segou region and national level; and also the national network of farmers with special needs supported by SAFE. We have also obtained from SAFE rice and multi-crop decorticator. The main challenge remains acquiring a storage warehouse. All through, we remain grateful; we are productive!”

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