Production and marketing of produce related to SHEP approach at Dacoumani


In order to reduce poverty among the most vulnerable members of the farming community and to involve producers in market survey for their production, SAA through the Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion (SHEP) approach has undertaken activities to support women's groups. The Regional office and SAA-Mali Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Communication (MERC) team undertook a visit to monitor the implementation of activities under the SHEP approach in the Dacoumani Post Harvest and Trade Center (PHTC) to assess production, marketing of produce and profitability.

Data was collected on area under production, input used, quantity of production (tomatoes, eggplant and okra, etc.) sales and challenges faced and lessons learned.

This mission enabled to understand the fact that the intervention enhanced the consumption of nutritious food among households in addition to increasing their income. They also claimed that women's incomes have improved.

The Post-Harvest and Trade Center of Dacoumani is comprised of 80 members and thanks to the technologies SAA introduced in the community, the center have earned 600,000 CFA from the production and sells of vegetables. The SAA-Mali has conducted practical trainings on land preparation, proper manure application, and management of vegetable garden and preparation seedlings. 

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