SAA transforms rural cooperative in Mali


Two years after SAA delivered a sheller to the Nieta Cooperative in the Kamalé Kakélé Village of Western Mali, there is evidence of empowerment and progress. The sheller was acquired with matching fund from the SAA with the Cooperative contributing 20% of the cost.

The Samanko Post Harvest and Trading Center (PHTC), from where the cooperative operates, today buzzes with energy and purpose as the Nieta members work tirelessly to enhance the quality of product like maize, millet, sohum, date and shea.

The production is run by four individuals, carefully chosen and trained under SAA’s Private Extension Service Provision (PESP) model, to provide post-harvest services to neighboring communities. 

Inspired by early business success, the members of the Nieta Cooperative, recently expanded their services by procuring a mill that not only presented a new chapter in their business but also became a pivotal turning point for the entire community.  

“The cooperative’s relentless efforts are today bearing fruit, and we make monthly profits ranging from USD 83 to USD 108, a testament of our boundless potential,” said the cooperative’s manager, Modibo Keita.

Yet it is not just about the money; the impact has gone beyond the bottom line, with the cooperative bringing immeasurable relief to the community members, who no longer have to embark on long, arduous journeys in search of milling services.

 Such are the benefits of the PESP, which seeks to promote SAA’s Market-oriented Agriculture (MOA) strategy, while minimizing postharvest losses in rural areas. Through the PESP, SAA helps groups and individuals to acquire post-harvest/agro-processing machinery such as grain hullers and flour mills, enabling them to provide value-added services to their communities.

Retrieved from SAA E-Newsletter, issued in July 2023 with Focus on Mali

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