From a Struggling Farmer to a Successful Seed Producer: A Story of Aminu Hashim

Farmer Aminu Hashim Kura, Kura Community, Kano State, Nigeria
Farmer Aminu Hashim Kura, Kura Community, Kano State, Nigeria

Aminu Hashim is a 50-year-old farmer and a father of 4 children from Kura community in Kano State, Nigeria. Mr. Hashim has always been a farmer but struggled to make ends meet. He had a small plot of land but needed more finance to buy quality farm inputs such as improved seeds and fertilizer. As a result, his harvests could have been better.

In 2021, Mr Hashim had the opportunity to participate in a capacity-building training program for farmers organized by Sasakawa Africa Association-Nigeria. SAA has been implementing the crop production enhancement component of the Kano State Agropastoral Development Project (KSADP), funded by the Kano State Government through a loan from the Islamic Development Bank, IsDB, and the Lives and Livelihood Funds (LLF) in his community. This training taught him about Good Agronomic Practices (GAPs) for land preparation, pest and disease management, soil fertility and harvesting and postharvest handling as well as seed production and multiplication.

After that, Mr Hashim was supported with farm inputs by the project, including improved seeds, fertilizer and agrochemicals. He, therefore, used his little savings for farm inputs to hire one more hectare of land for rice production in Kura.

That year, Mr Hashim said he had a bumper harvest, moving from 10 bags (1MT/ha) to 80 bags of rice seed equivalent to 3MT/ha. He sold the produce for about USD 1,973 to seed companies through market linkages facilitated by SAA.

With the proceeds from his rice harvest, Mr. Hashim diversified his farming operations in the next farming season. He cultivated one hectare of Pro Vitamin A Maize, a biofortified maize promoted by SAA partner HarvestPlus and another of improved rice variety (Faro 45) during the 2022 wet season.

That season, Mr. Hashim harvested 60 bags of maize. He sold 20 bags to Value Seeds company, ten bags to HarvestPlus, and five bags to Dala Foods while diffusing the remaining 25 bags to farmers within the community.

During the offseason of 2022, Mr. Hashim again cultivated one hectare of wheat by adhering to GAPs he learned including irrigation and water management. He then harvested 85 bags and sold 40 bags for about USD 2,500. Currently, he has 40 bags in his warehouse. Mr. Hashim not only ensures a sufficient supply for his family's consumption but also holds a safety net of produce that he can sell when market prices are favorable.

Mr. Hashim said, “I am grateful to KSADP for providing farm inputs and training on GAPs. This has helped me to improve my knowledge. As a result, I have become a seed outgrower with increased yields and income. I can now support my family and even send my children to good school.”

Mr Hashim is now a successful farmer and seed producer. He can provide for his family and give back to his community.

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