From Struggling Fields to Thriving Fortunes in Uganda: Adong Caroline’s Agricultural Triumph


Caroline Adong, 42, from Awili Village, Okweredot Subcounty in Uganda’s Kole District, faced challenges in traditional farming due to outdated techniques and poor soil management. This resulted in unpredictable yields and financial difficulties, impacting her family’s well-being and her children’s education. 

In 2022, Adong joined the Obang-en-mar farmer group, specializing in maize and soybean production. The group underwent comprehensive training from the Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA), covering line-planting, improved seed usage, effective crop spraying, postharvest management, and optimal drying methods.  

SAA’s guidance also encompassed marketing strategies, enabling farmers to negotiate prices and find profitable markets.  

“Sasakawa’s teachings have transformed my life,” said Adong. 

In the first season harvest of the year, Adong earned over $250 from maize and an additional $270 from rice sales. She invested the earnings in a second-hand milling machine to add value to her produce and expanded her cultivation to 10 acres. Her success has extended beyond her fields; she is now a quality seed multiplier for Nerica Rice, known for its superior quality and improved yields, benefiting the community. 

Adong actively shares her knowledge through training sessions on planting, harvesting, and post-harvest handling. Her efforts have created a ripple effect, after fellow farmers witnessed improved yields and adopting better agricultural practices. 

Beyond farming, Adong opened a store in Arua, selling a variety of produce, including groundnuts, rice, cassava flour, posho, and millet. Her journey is not only transforming Awili Village but also serves as evidence of how empowering farmers can lead to widespread prosperity. 

Retrieved from SAA E-Newsletter, issued in December 2023 with Focus on 2023 Highlights

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