Integrated Soil Fertility (ISFM) helped Nigerian Farmer Slashes Labor Costs while and Boosting Yield


Abdulmumini Adamu has significantly reduced his labor costs by 85%, from NGN35,000 (USD46) to NGN5000 (USD7), since adopting minimum tillage on his quarter-hectare maize farm in the Tasha Garabi region of Nigeria’s Kano State. This shift in farming practices followed his training on Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) and Conservation Agriculture (CA) provided by the Sasakawa Africa Association. The comprehensive training covered essential topics such as minimum tillage, mulching, crop rotation, and composting. 

The advantages for Mr. Adamu extend beyond cost savings; his crop yields have surged by an impressive 50%. This boost is attributed to the enhanced soil health and moisture retention resulting from the sustainable agricultural practices recommended in the training. 

SAA’s promotion of minimum tillage aligns with its Regenerative Agriculture Pillar, part of a broader commitment to promoting sustainable and cost-effective agricultural practices. Through the integration of Conservation Agriculture and Integrated Soil Fertility Management in farmers’ activities, SAA aims to empower smallholder farmers like Adamu in achieving sustainable agricultural intensification. This approach not only improves productivity but also ensures environmental stewardship and serves as a model for sustainable farming practices in Nigeria and beyond. 

Retrieved from SAA E-Newsletter, issued in December 2023 with Focus on 2023 Highlights

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