"Implementing technologies has transformed the lives of me and my family"

January.26.2017 / Ethiopia

Farmer Bashir Lemma is from Lalonora Kebele of Begi Woreda in Western Wolega zone,
Ethiopia. He is an award winning farmer and father of seven.
He is an award winning farmer and father of seven.

Bashir said: “Since I began using farming technologies introduced by the Sasakawa Africa
Association (SAA), my quality of life has improved. One year after adopting improved seed
varieties and a line sowing method, I began harvesting signifi cantly higher yields.”
Bashir left education 23 years ago at grade eight, aged 14. He remarked, “Thanks to the
technologies brought in by SAA, in collaboration with local extension workers, my life has
become easier. This gave me the opportunity to resume my education as a seventh grader in
2013. Now I am in grade 10 with my children, preparing to sit the national exam. I have also
built a house. Put simply, implementing these technologies has transformed the lives of me
and my family”.

Misgana Mejor also lives in Lalonora Kebele. She chairs a group of 30 female members
called “Women Assisted Demonstration” (WAD). She said: “It is a targeted program to
benefi t women. SAA introduced us to the scheme by holding a series of meetings involving
the whole community, including our husbands, to create awareness of the opportunities for
women to own their own plots of land on which to carry out the WAD program.
The program has been empowering, as now we are managing plots of land on our own. Local
extension workers and SAA staff visit regularly to provide us with new technologies and
techniques, such as line-sowing, use of compost and effective seed selection. By following
this advice and listening to development workers, our group has benefi ted. Our production
has increased to 16 or 17 quintals from two or three on the same plot of land because
of the technologies”.

Likewise, in Amba Kebele of Bambasi Woreda, Benishangul Gumuz regional state, women
have benefi ted from the WAD program. Marema Begna is one benefi ciary who participated
in this scheme. She said: “In my neighborhood we have improved our lives using agricultural
technologies in accordance with the advice of the extension experts. I am able to send all
my children to school; I built a new house last year. This year, since my maize farm is giving
by far a better yield, I am expecting to sell my produce for more than 50,000 birr (more than
2000 USD)”.

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