"We realized crop failure is farmers’ failure"


This is the Maize Multi Actor Value-chain Platform and Disability Intervention in Tudun Wada, Kano state, Nigeria. The project is supported by SAA Nigeria’s Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) program.

Muhammmad Yaro is a maize Commodity Association Trainer (C.A.T.). He explained: “We have been organized in this maize commodity value-chain organization since January 27, 2014. I am training farmer groups specializing in the maize value-chain, which is functioning well. Last year’s harvest produced a yield of over 80 bags of maize from the platform group, and this year we are planning to plant more than five hectares of maize, plus a hectare of the improved (TGx1.448) Soy Bean variety. We hold group meetings fortnightly, with members contributing 200 Naira a month. We operate two bank accounts with the Micro Finance Bank and the Bank of Agriculture.”

Hajiya Dije Ibrahim is a community organizer & chair of the female group of the Maize Value-chain Actors Association of Tudun-wada, who said: “My role in this Association is helping women to organize into agricultural enterprise groups. In fact, we have many groups within this association involved in different activities along the value chain, including maize producers, processors, marketers, agro-dealers and transporters. We reap the benefits of being in the platform. For instance, when a woman member gives birth, we contribute money for her and her child’s wellbeing. Another example is when a rainy season comes. If a woman member does not have the means to start farming, we give money from our association account as a loan to help her, with little or no interest. She pays back after the harvest in cash or in kind. We support women members with family health issues through advice and medicine provision. There are many benefits associated with membership of the Association, and we are looking to scale up in the future, supported by the involvement of SAA Nigeria.”

Ibrahim Umar Dalawa is chairman of the male group of the organization. He said that the 25-member value chain actors comprise of the farmers, the marketers, the agro-chemical dealers, the extension workers, and representatives of the local government overseeing what they are doing. “We have acquired a subsidized multi-purpose crop thresher from SAA’s Theme 2 activities in the state, which provide services to members during harvest seasons at a 50% discount for platform members, and full payment to non-members. We take part in seminars, interactive sessions between farmers and agro-chemical dealers, and companies that provide seeds for the farmers to make sure that the seeds we use are authentic and from a genuine company. We were linked to seed companies and extension agents in Kano and Zaria who give us advice on the type of seeds we are going to plant, the type of chemicals we are going to use, and the type of fertilizer we are going to apply, including the duration. Crop failure is farmers’ failure so these guides are useful to us.”

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