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Voices from the Field 2021-U-01


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Voices from the Field, 2021-E-01


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SAA COVID-19 News April 2021


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Evaluation of the Demand-Driven Agricultural Extension Curricula among Alumni from Selected Universities in Nigeria


Published by Journal of Agricultural Extension
Vol. 25 (2) April, 2021


The study assessed demand-driven agricultural extension curricula by alumni from universities in Nigeria partnering with Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) on such curriculum for at least seven years. Using a cross-sectional research design and cluster sampling technique, 227 alumni were randomly selected from a population of 520. Data were collected through structured questionnaire on socio-economic characteristics, mode of study, areas of specialization operationalized as close-ended questions and rating of programme components on a 5 -point Likert type scale of poor (1) fair (2) good (3) very good (4) excellent (5) with 70 items. Data entry and analysis were done with SPSS 25 using percentages, mean score and multiple regression analysis. Adult education approaches, supervised enterprise projects, students’ supervision, academic advice, information sharing, and participation in research projects had highest positiverating; while fund raising, scholarship, opportunity for enrolling and be part of a professional scientific network, linkage & involvement with
Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) field activities, laboratories and
variety of subjects offered had highest negative rating. Socio-economic characteristics of alumni were significantly correlated and explained 49 percent of the variation in programme rating. The study recommends that there is need to review the curricula covered in this study and mechanisms for compliance with the Sasakawa methodology should be reinvigorated.

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Report on Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE)


The Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education (SAFE) was established in 1991 by Sasakawa Africa
Association (SAA) with the aim of upgrading the knowledge and technical skills of mid-career extension
workers in sub-Saharan Africa. This report summarizes the history and achievements of SAFE since its astablishment.

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